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What is Motorsport Analyser?

My name is Harrison Rowett and I am an aspiring motorsport journalist. Setting up Motorsport Analysed has given me the platform to pursue one of my major passions in writing about motorsport. Included on this website will be articles primarily focusing on the disciplines Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula E and the British Touring Cars. Articles on my website will predominantly be following headline events and stories taking place in multiple racing disciplines where I will zoom into further detail examining the origins and details of these events where I will furthermore mention why a specific story is significant additionally predicting the future outcomes and consequences of specific headline stories within motorsport disciplines. Additionally what will be unique about my website is presenting some of my own specific passions revolved around the theme of racing which primarily includes my participation in owner karting/track day experiences. Another interest I will pursue is F1 Fantasy. This is a game where players are able to virtually build teams of f1 drivers and teams to compete against each other aiming to earn points depending on how well their teams and drivers perform in an real life f1 grand Prix. On the topic of F1 fantasy I will write articles on topics such as who are the best options to pick on the F1 fantasy game and generally writing about extensive information on the game itself.

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